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Earth and Ship Cane Corso

My husband Danny and I(Amber) live in colorado, with our four yes...4...amazing kiddos! 

We started this journey in 2013 with the dream owning land one day. We set out to work hard towards this dream and we became the owners of our Earthship home on 40 acres in Franktown, Co. If you don't know what an Earthship is, check it out. We loved the name of this style of home, as I grew up near the ocean and Danny grew up in the mountains! This is why today, you see the name Earth and Ship on just about everything we do around here, farming and now raising our beloved breed Cane Corso. 

Earth and Ship Farms: It was in the days of Danny and I dating that he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. It was a huge shock to us and we decided right there that we would face anything that came our way, together! This was quite the journey and it was one that led us to the need, for quality foods. This is where we began the journey of farming and gardening. We started this journey in the windowsill of our first home in the city. It grew into aquaponics and the cycle of growing food from a water tank, raising fresh fish for food and fresh vegetables, again if you don't know anything about aquaponics, look into it as its incredible. We then tried our hand at in-ground gardening and while it was extremely fun for all of us, it just wasn't what we dreamed of. It was then that we decided the best route was a greenhouse and we were able to purchase our huge greenhouse today, that serves as our main recourse for fresh food and vegetables. We then have carried on the love of canning food, from my Grandmother who has passed (more on how she ties into raising Cane Corso's) canning food is almost not heard of anymore, we love this seasonal tradition and we work extremally hard to bring fresh canned foods like salsa, pasta sauce, tomato soup, peppers and spicy pickles just to name a few, fresh to our table and to our family and friends. We enjoy lots more farming and agricultural adventures such as family raising pork and soon beef! While farming of all kinds is our great adventure we are still considered hobby farmers. My husband is the owner along side his father of Skylight Specialists, which now includes Packard building envelope, See the light windows and more ideas ever evolving daily in the business world! This leads to the newest business adventure here at Earth and Ship enterprises!

Earth and Ship Cane Corso:
I mentioned that my incredible grandmother plays a roll in Earth and Ship Cane see, our very first experience in owning, training and falling in love with this outstanding breed, came on the morning of my grandmothers passing. I had just gotten the call that morning and it was while feeling all the feelings and starting the grieving process as we all do, that we made a decision to start the process of bringing a new family member into our lives and home. The full story is really long, however lets just say it had been a long day and it was then that we decided to go see a little older male Cane Corso. He had a bit of a journey also and we instantly fell in love with him. We truly believe in our hearts that day, my grandmother gave him to us! The whole journey of him getting to be ours, was a blessing by my Grandmother Dorthy we just know it!  We knew we wanted to change his name together as a family and we took time deciding on his name, Duke!  Fast forward to a once in a lifetime trip to Disneyland with my parents. It truly is the most magical place on earth, because what happened was truly magical for us. From what both Danny and I remember is that after a very magical but also very busy and tiring day you see, on this trip I was pregnant with our fourth child a boy and we could not get a feel for his name! It was that night that I sat straight up in bed, as though I had been having a dream about all of this, when I woke Danny and without any explanation or warning a just blurted out "let's name him Duke". The hardest part of this story is that we never had enough time with our beloved sweet Cane Corso boy! We miss him now as much as we did then. So the timing and the magic of this entire story was once again all pulled together by my grandmother, when in 2020 as most of us were all searching for a little magic in our lives, that we decided it was time once again to bring a new family member into our lives. The back side of this piece of the journey was that we knew we would likley never have another breed again, as Cane Corso's do it was in our soul, the love they bring to your life! We had been for many years dedicating ourselves to the breed and researching and waiting on timing. However it was the year that we felt a need for life to emerge again and this is where we introduce Rock Creek Cane Corso, the entire reason we have this website and are in this journey at all, is because of them. We have no words that can bring to life the incredible team that they are and how much love and dediction goes into their breeding program, it is not measurable! We will always give them the respect and honor they so deserve. Truly thankful that we found eachother as without them, we would not be Earth and Ship Cane Corso. We did all of the work on our end to make it to the day, that we finally called them up and that conversation that day will always have a special place in my heart! After the call, I just knew they were the right breeder for us, not close to us by any means, however we just knew. The puppies were all incredible and some were already spoken for. We thought we would be letting the breeder help us decide on the best fit for our family and our goals and dreams. However as I mentioned, we just know that once again Grandma was working all of her magic and it was just something about one precious little girl in particular that I could not shake. Her then name was, Reagan and I was so in love with each sweet little rincle on her face and I went through and saved every single picture that I could! I knew here in the pack and I could pick her face out in the videos and pictures posted on their website. I was over the moon, so when I finally asked about her and if they thought she would be a good fit. I was so estatic when everything just seemed to fit!! The best part of this journey is that the day we were able to make the long journey and bring her home, later when talking to my mother who reminded me what the day was...the anniversary of my beloved Grandmothers passing. There she was yet again in our hearts, pouring out the love for us and we had her blessing once again, such a special gift that we continue to dedicate our lives to! We knew a name right away this time. PhoeNyx! The spelling si due to the Goddess of night and as she is all black it just fit so perfectly! Out of the ashes comes life~we feel that all of this journey has brought us to this new light in the process of becoming breeders of this breed and the life and love will continue to be legacy we cherish! 

This journey has been one that we have had to dig deep and fight incredibly hard for, but as always with hard work and dedication, you can do anything you dream!

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